The armor in World of Warcraft is deeply loved by players

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Some players hope that there are more ways to go to places like the world of death or the nightmare world of Lovecraft style. Because the heroes of World of Warcraft have recently gone to the WOW Classic Gold wilderness in the game universe, players are even more looking forward to it.

Although there are a lot of raids and game systems in World of Warcraft, there are still some controversies in the game. Among them, customization and appearance choices are still the loudest controversies, and they also include such relatively small controversies as backpacks or comfortable jams. .

In the past two expansions, this Handclaw, also known as Arthur Lorenz, has created detailed conceptual drawings for hundreds of possible armor combinations. So Handclaw is a specific thing that players want very much, so some fan artists who own Handclaw have been constantly showing off in the World of Warcraft forum.

"Class Set" is a full suit with the theme of classes, it will drop in every major patch. Therefore, Blizzard’s Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands extensions discontinued the production line of "classes", which also resulted in fewer sets with fewer themes.

At the beginning of the Battle for Azeroth, Lorenz started a huge project that has grown from World of Warcraft to include 14 games and 12 lessons. He not only started his own armor project, but also created traditional armor for the races and their professions in each game.

Since the release of "World of Warcraft", Lorenz has been deeply fascinated by the raid/professional combination released by Blizzard, which has made him addicted to the game. Of course, he is not the only player who is keen on this game. Themed armor sets can help players repair in the Classic WOW Gold transformation system to create the most beautiful or intimidating costumes. This suit has always been an important part of MMO. Players who want this theme armor suit can subscribe for a fee.

Lorenz also created an April Fool's Day project, which designed a concept package for Barrens Warfront, with a hypothetical expansion centered around goblins and saboteurs. Although the concept package designed by Lorenz never officially appeared in the game, it appeared in some data mining code. But his armor concept is likely to win the recognition of players and continue to spread among fellow World of Warcraft. This is because what players want is to make themselves look sweet as hell, not just hanging out in Oribos.