Players hope that the content of Animal Crossing will have a substantial update

Players hope that the content of Animal Crossing will have a substantial update


Since the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for more than a year, the game has always provided players with a relaxing, connected and creative gaming environment. Players can play this game in many ways, for example, they can build exquisite towns, or they can find the perfect villagers on the mysterious island. The Animal Crossing game has always been loved by players. Therefore, in 2021, the content of Animal Crossing will Buy Animal Crossing Bells be updated and more importantly, it will allow players to maintain higher interest.

Animal Crossing provides players with a limited number of tasks to be completed every day, and its real-time operation, depending on the upcoming events in the season and calendar. However, in the game, players have to catch fish every day, comb the beach, and shake the fruit trees. But for those Animal Crossing players who have been playing for a long time, just standard daily chores can no longer satisfy them. They may even have completed the available collections, achievements and upgrades.

One way to keep the game fresh is to restart Animal Crossing Island, but there are also many players who prefer the reincarnation update to enhance their existing towns. Currently, Animal Crossing maintains player participation by holding seasonal events. Perhaps, in the first year of the game, when players participate in these activities for the first time, they will feel very excited, thinking that each event is novel and mysterious. However, when players participate for the second time, they may feel bored and frustrated with many activities.

New Horizons expands the gameplay by further upgrading Nook's Cranny, Able Sisters and Museum. Larger shops can sell more items, and new exhibits can be added to larger museums. Players may be more interested in the upgrading of houses, the expansion of item storage, the creation of new rooms, and the decoration of completely independent buildings. Players may also be interested in the more breeding options added to Animal Crossing.

In the autumn update of Animal Crossing in 2020, players can grow pumpkins by themselves. This mechanism is very simple, as long as the player waters the pumpkin every day, it is possible to get a pumpkin. This makes many players who like Stardew Valley Animal Crossing Items games excited about the agricultural potential in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Although this update has been greatly welcomed by many fans, since there are not many fruits and vegetables added to the game, players hope that the game can be updated more substantively in the future, which can provide them with more new goals.