Is Path of Exile2 still worth playing?

As a popular RPG game, Path of Exile is constantly updated and developed every year.


As a popular RPG game, Path of Exile is constantly updated and developed every year. At the same time, under the continuous vigorous development of the game, in order to harvest more players and increase the challenge of the game, every few months, the developers will launch a league. The POE league adds new systems, challenges and rewards, and also for POE Currency is provided to players who want to give their characters a good construction.

POE has now developed into the most complex slasher RPG in the world. Many of its mechanics may not be friendly to new players, especially some parts without tutorials, which often make players feel at a loss. But it's easier to start again. Players can choose an "exile" and click on the road to victory. Everyone has access to various statistics and passive bonuses from the beginning. You can go through the passive skill tree as you like, but this is a very challenging game. If you accidentally make a small mistake, it may cause disaster. So players should check some POE Currency before starting to avoid some fatal mistakes.

Consider that each league will introduce new skills and new balance adjustments, as well as new loot. Then, the build keeps changing. You can wait for Path of Exile2, which seems to be the friendlier and more refined version we have now. It is worth noting that it contains excellent graphics upgrades. However, Path of Exile2 is not a sequel, it is more like an extension and update. Once online, you will get it for free on Steam. Specifically, POE2 is the 4.0 version of the game, which represents a large-scale reform.

Path of Exile is the most popular free game on Steam. The Path of Exile Currency and special effects of the game are perfect, and the graphics are also very exquisite. It makes players immersive and is highly sought after by players, but also attracts new players. Finally, every new expansion, league and patch they release is free for anyone, but if there are players who want to have better weapons and equipment than other players, they can also buy POE Currency to get everything you want.