Path of Exile lost some players on Steam

GGG’s Path of Exile lost much of its players on Steam in June.


GGG’s Path of Exile lost much of its players on Steam in June. The role-playing game Patch of Exile developed by Grinding Gear Games was released in 2013. In April, the latest expansion launched Ultimatum, which attracted many players. But in the next few POE Currency, Path of Exile lost over 60,000 players and currently has approximately 22,000 players. In June 2021, 70% of players lost.

The news also circulated on Reddit. For the game, it is normal for the number of players to decrease again soon after the launch of the new extension. However, the number of lost players in Path of Exile is very high. In addition, the daily player volume is currently less than 10,000 players, which has happened for the first time since September 2019. Many players also expressed their views on this matter.

On the one hand, Grinding Gear Games is said to have given some anchor privileges. Players have to wait in line to enter the game server, and some anchors can bypass the long queue and successfully enter the game. Although this is beneficial to the watching audience, it disappoints the players waiting to enter the game. On the other hand, there is an alliance mechanism this season. It is said that the content is that a player runs around in circles, kills mobs, and receives generous rewards for this. In the event of death, it is said that the reward has been reset. It is said that the mechanic was very efficient in farming in the first few weeks. Finally, players said that GGG prefers to weaken content to achieve balance, rather than adding new content to the game. For ordinary players, it is disappointing to spend a lot of time in order to cultivate an item that will not be weakened in the later Path of Exile Currency. It is better to buy POE Currency to get the item you want.

The reason Path of Exile has lost so many players in the past few months is not yet certain. However, this has no effect on the game’s reviews and Steam’s rating, because both points showed positive reviews, proving that the players The Path Of Exile is still very supportive. The news now is that Path Of Exile 2 will be launched in 2022. I believe it will reap a large number of players again. Players who love POE can now prepare POE Currency!