About The Gofamint Students' Fellowship
This is Gofamint Students' Fellowship Community Website

The Gofamint Students’ Fellowship (GSF) is the students’ ministry of the Gospel Faith Mission International (GOFAMINT). It was established with great passion in the year 1982 to:

  1. Pilot the Spiritual affairs of the growing students’ populace of the Gospel Faith Mission International [GOFAMINT] in the midst of a polluted academic environment.
  2. Enhance academic emancipation of students in the secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
  3. Facilitate academic excellence among Christian’s students.
  4. Foster social relationship guided by biblical and godly principles and to enhance interpersonal, professional and marital relationships.

The Fellowship started at the then University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State Nigeria. Over years, the Fellowship has grown phenomenally as the sycamore tree of hope for spiritual, academic and social emancipation. It presently covers almost 100 campuses of Nigerian tertiary institutions with its National Secretariat at the International office of the Gospel Faith Mission. KM. 40, Lagos-Ibadan Express way, Aseese, Ogun State.

The Fellowship has by the grace of God produced several thousand of graduates who are now notable men and women in various fields of endeavour.  After the initial take off and eventual spread, the Fellowship assumed a national status which saw the following people emerging as National President at one time or the other.

  1. Evang. Z.I. Ilori
  2. Pastor D.A. Adekunle
  3. Pastor (Engr.) Tunde Ojo
  4. Pastor Akinola Oladele
  5. Pastor Richard Ologbonyo
  6. Pastor (Dr) Moses Aderibigbe
  7. Pastor (Dr) Gbenga Ayannuga
  8. Pastor Daniel Oyela
  9. Pastor (Dr) Seun Ajileye
  10. Pastor Tunde Sebanjo
  11. Pastor Taiwo Salau

After some years of existence and considering the growth of the Fellowship, the Leadership of the Gospel Faith Mission International. Appointed a point man to coordinate the activities of the Fellowship. Thus, in 1987, Evangelist R.O. Usenu, was appointed as the National Coordinating Minister, the post he occupied for 17years. In 2004, Pastor Ologbonyo Richard succeeded Evang. Usenu as the National Coordinating Minister and having served meritoriously for 13 years, he voluntarily disengaged to pursue the new mandate assigned him by God.

In 2017, during the 17th Biennial Conference of GSF, the name Gospel Students’ Fellowship was rebranded to Gofamint Students’ Fellowship. This was done to reflect the name of the Mission as it is popularly known in the world over (GOFAMINT). Also, with 35 years of existence of the Fellowship, there was the need for re-organisation of the administrative structure of GSF and Youth ministry. Hence, the office of the Head of Youth and GSF was created and Pastor (Eng.) Tunde Ojo, who was formerly a National President of GSF, District and Regional Pastor in Gofamint, is appointed to coordinate the affairs of the two ministries. Furthermore, the office of the National Coordinating Minister (NCM) of GSF was changed to National Campus Pastor (NCP) and Pastor (Dr) Aderibigbe Moses was appointed to lead the Fellowship alongside the Field Pastors and the National Executive Committee (NEC).

We have our challenges, but undauntedly, we are making steady, smooth and unstoppable progress. With almost 100 chapters in several institutions in Nigeria, we still trust the Lord for greater open doors in Nigeria and Overseas.